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Re: (TV) The Polar Prize

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Today the next winners of the Polar Prize were announced: German romance-singer Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau and the Brazilian singer (and cultural minister) Gilberto Gil.

Is this award really world-known?

I'm afraid I've never heard of it. On the other hand I'd never heard of Ashlee Simpson either and as the world seems shocked by something or other she's done then maybe I'm the wrong person to comment.

In their time, ABBA was pictured as a very happy collective of two married couples. . Agnetha is today a complete reclusive (although she recently released a record) - living on her own island; she also have a tragic history of being stalked Jodie Foster-style by a murderous lunatic.

At a recent televised "reunion" in London to celebrate some no-doubt dire musical based on their songs, she didn't turn up to join the other three in being fawned over by people who really should know better. I know 'cos my wife was watching it and I was drawn in by the horrible yuckiness of it all. On another Abba note back in the '70s I once worked on some Abba concerts at the Albert Hall. During most of the performance most of the roadies, hangers-on and anyone who didn't have to be somewhere else was lined up behind the stage staring at the lady in question's bottom for the duration of the performance. I don't know why I'm telling you this except that it's about the only thing I remember of ABBA, except, of course, the awful songs.

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