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Re: (TV) The Polar Prize

anyone >who didn't have to be somewhere else was lined up behind the stage
staring at the lady in question's bottom for the duration of the performance.

Actually, in those days, Agnetha's butt was talked about internationally as "the finest butt in the world".

Even if American fame eluded ABBA (they had a #1, with "Dancing queen", though), the group was enormously successful in Europe and other parts of the planet, especially Australia; the feature film "Muriel's wedding", which was quite amusing and was a "sleeper" hit some six or seven years ago, capitalizes on this ABBA hysteria on that continent.

Noone should try to minimalize the commercial impact of the "Mamma Mia" musical. It has been a hit in many, many big cities - including American ones. I remember that when it opened in NYC shortly after the 9/11, it was hailed by one major Manhattan critic with words like "at this time, this is exactly what we need to be cheered up". Haven't seen it myself, but it is reputead to be thin story-wise but funny in a corny way.

I also think that the greatest hits albums from the late 90's finally gave ABBA their long-awaited breakthrough in the U.S.

Leif J, Sweden

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