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Re: (TV) Semi-OT: Genre of Television? / Prog Rock: Television's millions of new fans?

At 11:53 AM -0400 5/9/05, Casey, Leo J wrote:
b) But couldn't they be classified in the 'better', current sense of the
word prog rock
(restoring art to modern rock, allowing innovative musicianship to be
revered instead
of reviled [see Joey Ramone quotes below])?

I guess I'd say no on the reflex that "prog" to me implies use of unusual time signatures, but I'm probably in the minority here--there are certainly plenty of bands that signify "prog" through long guitar solos, lyrical imagery, or marketing position that played in 4/4. So maybe I'll change my mind and say that Television wasn't prog, because they did not exhibit two or more of the following:

* Time signatures other than 2/4, 3/4 (6/8), or 4/4.
* Long solos from each instrument
* Science fiction/fantasy/D&D lyrical imagery
* Elaborate light shows
* Keyboard player in the band
* Public image as sensitive, refined musos

But I'm open to counter-examples, of course.

c) Anyone heard any of the 'prog rock' bands groups  mentioned below?

The Mars Volta...annoyed me. The lyrics alone are drenched in a sort of My First Thesaurus excess.

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