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(TV) A website for my band

Right, I've bought the URL and got web hosting - but I
created a web page in Microsoft Frontpage (don't
laugh, well ok do if you must) and uploaded it using
frontpage's publish function - but the page doesn't
work at all! In any way whatsoever! YAY! And it's crap
anyway and I hate the program and it's most difficult
and unintuitive (is that a word) piece of crap to use

So I've decided screw this microsoft nonsense, I'll do
it myself in HTML - but then I got thinking, surely
there is an easier way for me to design it without
wading through miles of code and spending ages
learning HTML - so does anyone know of a free program
that can do website layout and stuff that isn't
totally complex (I just want the site to be really
simple in appearance) and is free or shareware or

I just don't want to go and have to buy an expensive
web design package! Surely someone out there has done
this for their band?

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