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Re: (TV) A website for my band

On 3/1/06, Billy Ancell <bilbicus@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Right, I've bought the URL and got web hosting - but I
> created a web page in Microsoft Frontpage (don't
> laugh, well ok do if you must) and uploaded it using
> frontpage's publish function - but the page doesn't
> work at all! In any way whatsoever! YAY!
> I just don't want to go and have to buy an expensive
> web design package! Surely someone out there has done
> this for their band?

Well, the cheapest thing to do to just plain establish a web presence, and
it has worked for tons of bands who've become household(ish) names, is just
stick up a page on myspace.com, which is what I did:


Now, it is crappy and lame but also kind of the industry standard, and I'm
told that booking agents look at these to hear your tunes and look at how
many hits, plays and friends you have (so, self-promotional hint, if anyone
on the list follows the link and likes my stuff, consider whipping up a
myspace account and "befriending" my band; Maurice is already on there).

And while I'm plugging, my band is playing the Whisky in Hollywood, Sat
3/18, and TV listers are more than welcome.  We don't sound that much like
Television, but you will hear me drop Tom's name in one song, so we have
that going for us!

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