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(TV) Listophobia

I hate lists.  I had three music magazine
subscriptions (school kids were selling them as
opposed to chocalates, etc, we had lots of magazines
coming in, the postman hated us) last year and they
were all (insert expletive) lists, best albums, best
re-issues, best mag covers, best singles, best new
bands, best lists of lists.  Rolling Stone was the
absolute worst offender last year, I have no idea what
they are up to this year.   The non-music magazines
had lots of lists to, best beaches, best vacation
spots, best gear (weight, climbing, bikes, etc), best
mountains to climb, best teams of the century, best
boards, best clothes, bleghhh!

My magazine subscriptions reflect my highschool career
apptitude test which came out as
musician/writer/adventurer.  It forgot 'likes to eat
and carelessly spend lots of money' so none of those
careers worked out.

What were your apptitudes, did they come true?

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