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Re: (TV) Listophobia

On 3/3/06, grntg <grntg@yahoo.com> wrote:
> My magazine subscriptions reflect my highschool career
> apptitude test which came out as
> musician/writer/adventurer.  It forgot 'likes to eat
> and carelessly spend lots of money' so none of those
> careers worked out.
> What were your apptitudes, did they come true?

All I remember is that I was "Most Likely To Succeed", and it's hard to
think of any measure by which that could be said to have happened.  To date,
at least.

Maybe another interesting question to the list is what periodicals you
receive.  I get the delightfully usually list-free National Geographic and
the LA Times, which is about as much as I have time for.  I get my crappy
music criticism for free online or by picking up the LA Weekly...

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