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RE: (TV) Reading Material

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From: Leo Casey
Anyone remember a (national but relatively small circulation published in
Boston--not a fanzine) Rock/Music magazine from mid 1970s?  In it was the
first place I ever read on a guy named Tom Verlaine?  

Nick Tosches and Richaed Meltzer were in its stable of great writers---they
took the music quite seriously and that was a revelation.

Well, my first thought would be Fusion, but I don't remember it having
lasted that long - then again, I could be wrong, since they didn't really
pay their writers (Meltzer once contributed a list with topics like "(the
publisher ) owes me 250 bucks and more!")  Then there was another one called
the Record (if memory serves) which was pretty cool - they had a great
column by a guy named Mark Shipper. I don't remember any TV content but it
was free.

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