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Re: (TV) Reading Material

I'd read Mojo if it was affordable - always something at least marginally interesting there.
  Lately my favorite magazines are free - if you can find them at your local record or book store.
  Arthur - ( www.arthurmag.com )
  which has editorial input from the likes of Thurston Moore and Byron Coley - Coley also had a hand in one of the better music papers of the 80s - Forced Exposure - maybe that's what Leo is thinking about-? Though I don't think they ever featured Television.
  Stomp'n'Stammer out of Atlanta has the strange distinction of being the only alternative rock publication I know of, that's seemingly written by right wingers. David Lindsay's paranoid film reviews are hilarious - as if Rush Limbaugh reviewed movies.
  I actually subscribe to one magazine, 'Signal to Noise' who cover the same sort of thing as The Wire, experimental/improvisational, on non-glossy paper, at a nice domestic U.S. magazine cover price.

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