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Re: (TV) woohoo!

At 9:51 AM -0800 3/14/06, robin dunn wrote:
what'd ya get?  i'm nervous about buying guitars on
ebay (but am looking for an electric upgrade).

I'm curious about Rex's guitar also, but I wanted to weigh in as someone who bought a now-cherished guitar on ebay (late 60s Kalamazoo, Gibson's answer to the DuoSonic--with roughly the same shape). That said, I'd caution against it--I was kind of stupid to buy this the way I did, not playing one first. (The neck's a great shape for me, but I had no way of knowing that.) I also didn't ask about the condition of the frets (they needed to be replaced). Still, the stars were aligned or something. Similar with my main amp. But if I were buying today, I'd want to play the guitar/play through the amp before buying.

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