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Re: (TV) dudes, i'm very impulsive...

At 11:06 AM -0800 3/14/06, robin dunn wrote:
...so i just bought this (item 7398630117):


Congratulations, and welcome to another Kalamazoo player! Mine's similar, except the Mustang/DuoSonic shape, red, and has a home-made aluminum pickguard (done by the last guy). If you're at all like me, you're going to love the shape of the neck.

i figure for the price i'm not out too much

I put less into mine total (purchase, shipping, new tuners, new bridge, refret, new switch, new knobs)...but then the prices of these have soared in the last seven years.

, and can
always resell it.  have really been wanting a fun
electric to play with (and i think the blue matches my

Once again, congrats!  Salut!

Maurice Rickard
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