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Re: (TV) A website for my band

>On 3/1/06, Micah wrote:
>>The last thing I want to hear at a show is the band yelling 'Who's on

>>Rex Broome wrote:
>>Would never do that.  It's a creepy scene.  But apparently you need one of
>>these thingies, so there you go.  I view it as the 21st century equivalent
>>of "I gotta spend half a day at fucking Kinko's printing up flyers".

Right. I still print flyers, because I like to, but we get more people 
at shows because of MySpace.
I know that because I ask that they 'come up and say hello' in the spam 
that I send out to the 400+ myspacers I don't know.  And they do. It's 
'community'. for shut ins.

 - H.
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