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Re: (TV) OT: Okay, fess up, who of you out there have a MySpace site ?

On 3/20/06, Russ Van Rooy <russvr@pop.nwnexus.com> wrote:
> Thanks ! Complements warmly received. Emo ? I think if you are human,
> you're automatically emo, excepting Myriah Carey, for whom the case
> remains undecided....though as androids go she's pretty sexy.

Ha!  I've always wondered about how emo is "emotional", as opposed to every
other kind of music.  It's kinda like mentioning that the music is, like,
sonic, or audio-oriented.  I mean, Kraftwerk and Devo are both more moving
than half of the bands described as "emo", as far as I can tell... but the
whole "genre" is mystifying.

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