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Virgin vs Fontana / man / $ / Elektra / green / RE: (TV) Signal to Noise article

 (TV) Signal to Noise article

>  About 'The Miller's Tale' - "I still haven't been paid for that and I'll
>probably never be paid for that," he says. 

QUESTION: Is/was Phonogram/Fontana records a subsidiary of Virgin Records?

The reason I ask is because in The Wonder's wonderful Press Section there's
an article in which the President of  Phonogram/Fontana said Tom owed the
record company $ for "Flash Light" and other sessions --- mostly because
supposedly he didn't release or do what they wanted him to do (and then
there's the whole "Lost Album/London Sessions/b-sides record fiasco.  

Do I think TV owes them money? Who knows but my guess is no.   Remember how
Television made no $ from their 1st 2 albums and Elektra claimed it owed
them more than $40,000 for production costs etc?

Which leads to my next question:  If Elektra still argued Television owed
them $, wouldn't it be true the band got nothing for the Elektra/Rhino
reissues of MM and Adventure?

>"But there's other things I can do to pay the rent."

Like marry someone so they can fix their Green card dilemma :>) 
>About the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame - "I would refuse it," he says. "I think
>it's just a money-making opportunity. They called us up for a guitar, which
>I thought was very nervy. We told them they could have one for $25,000." A
>slight chuckle slips through his pursed lips.

Tom you are the Man! I salute you.
> In the last few years I published stuff under a different name. I haven't
>told anyone that. It's weird stuff, dark, funny. In the modern world it's
.good to have different names."

He (i.e., I ) publishes under the name Leo J. Casey Jr.   
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