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Re: Virgin vs Fontana / man / $ / Elektra / green / RE: (TV) Signal to Noise article

On 3/21/06, Casey, Leo J <Leo.J.Casey@volpe.dot.gov> wrote:
> >About the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame - "I would refuse it," he says. "I
> think
> >it's just a money-making opportunity. They called us up for a guitar,
> which
> >I thought was very nervy. We told them they could have one for $25,000."
> A
> >slight chuckle slips through his pursed lips.
> Tom you are the Man! I salute you.

As usual, a slyer and more subtle form of punkishness (cf. Sex Pistols).

> In the last few years I published stuff under a different name. I haven't
> >told anyone that. It's weird stuff, dark, funny. In the modern world it's
> .good to have different names."
> He (i.e., I ) publishes under the name Leo J. Casey Jr.

Secret X (i.e. Leo i.e. TV?) did say he had a lot of aliases.

Call Mr. Leo...

PS, I confess that while I was looking at the various myspace sites
yesterday I did a search for "secret x" thinking that surely someone had
that as a screen name and it would be funny to post here.  Amazingly nobody
does... no fans of The X-Files, the X-Man, the X-games, XBox, Malcolm X, X,

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