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Re: (TV) TV Cover Star - The Wire

On 3/21/06, Keith Allison <keith@marquee.demon.co.uk> wrote:
> I'd say that "Songs and Other Things" takes The Wonder as a starting
> point and radiates outwards from there. "Around" is much more satisfying
> to me than Warm and Cool was. Both CDs should have been packaged
> together as a double album release because they're two halves of the
> same thing and there's a lot of crossover of the feel of "Around" into
> "Songs..."

This is intriguing because "The Wonder" and "Warm and Cool" feel so
different to me.  Both are kind of minimalist and sparse, but "The Wonder"
feels very tight and almost stiff-- I love a lot of things about it but it
is tied to those very straight beats-- while "W&C" is nothing if not "loose"
in feel.  For lack of better terms, the former is a little mechanical
(although not unemotional) and the latter organic to a fault.  The right
crossover between the two might be very interesting...

 Bottom line - it's so great to have new Tom music to hear!

Yep, that's the bottom line indeed.

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