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Re: (TV) TV Cover Star - The Wire

In message <68a8ea5e0603210820g21480a6aje2c90ca47fdff52b@mail.gmail.com>, Rex Broome <rexbroome@gmail.com> writes
This is intriguing because "The Wonder" and "Warm and Cool" feel so different to me. Both are kind of minimalist and sparse, but "The Wonder" feels very tight and almost stiff-- I love a lot of things about it but it is tied to those very straight beats

"Songs..." Is much looser in feel than "The Wonder", and it's more than just the more playful (for want of a better word) guitar work; I think using a new drummer on eight of the tracks has made a big difference. Louie Appel seems to fit into Tom's off-beat grooves the way that Billy does.
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