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Re: (TV) TV Cover Star - The Wire

In message <441FCE30.7050404@madasafish.com>, Graham Urquhart <gurquhart@madasafish.com> writes
he two new albums

I'd say that "Songs and Other Things" takes The Wonder as a starting point and radiates outwards from there. "Around" is much more satisfying to me than Warm and Cool was. Both CDs should have been packaged together as a double album release because they're two halves of the same thing and there's a lot of crossover of the feel of "Around" into "Songs..."

What's the point of releasing them separately on the same day - anyone here want one and not the other? Very odd.

I'll be adding my feelings to The Wonder when I've lived with them a bit more. Bottom line - it's so great to have new Tom music to hear!
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