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Re: (TV) It Arrived!

Well, I bought a copy off ebay, which others have said must have been a promo copy, but it arrived yesterday and it was shrink wrapped -- so I'm still not convinced!! I've never seen a shrink wrapped promotional copy. Anyway ...

Not officially out until April 25 but there do seem to be some out and about in Canada - Glenn, does the one you Managed to get have a "Made In Canada" sticker on it?

"the earth is in the sky" is beautiful -- absolute top notch. Hard to make out all the lyrics but the track is great. Would have fit right on Flashlight.

"the day on you" -- masterpiece. The highlight of the album, for me. Classic Verlaine. You just want this song to go on and on. The longest song on the album at 5 minutes -- but not nearly long enough.


Overall, this album is probably inferior to "Tom Verlaine", "Dreamtime, and "Flashlight", but it's certainly comparable or superior to any of the other solo albums.

Nah, it's more interesting than "Tom Verlaine" but then that's my least favourite Tom V album. Nothing's better than "Dreamtime"!
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