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(TV) New Verlaine CDs

In message <20060324172442.18669.qmail@web60012.mail.yahoo.com>, grntg <grntg@yahoo.com> writes
Philosophical meandering: If it is amoral to buy off e-bay as Verlaine gets no royalties, is it amoral to win a contest in which Verlaine will be billed for the five cd's?

Well, as far as the record company is concerned, anything I get out of them for prizes will come under the heading of "Marketing" or "Promo" so, if you look at it that way, better that some of us get them than they get sent out to some newspaper reviewer who couldn't care less about Tom Verlaine.

(I contacted one of the sellers on Ebay and asked where she got it from and the answer was something like, "Well, I once wrote something for a magazine so my name is on a list of 'music journalists' somewhere even though I'm not one, so it arrived in the post and...")

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