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Re: (TV) New Verlaine CDs

On 3/24/06, Keith Allison <keith@marquee.demon.co.uk> wrote:
> Well, as far as the record company is concerned, anything I get out of
> them for prizes will come under the heading of "Marketing" or "Promo"
> so, if you look at it that way, better that some of us get them than
> they get sent out to some newspaper reviewer who couldn't care less
> about Tom Verlaine.

Alternately, and not that I don't hope to win the contest and all, but we
all already care and maybe some newspaper reviewer who doesn't care might
start to (or at least spin it based on a "Hey, I remember this guy"-type

Yes, I'm aware that the devil doesn't really need an advocate and all,

I am so excited for these records.  Of the other stuff that NPR previewed,
I'm interested in the Juana Molina record and maybe I'll finally truly warm
to Built To Spill someday-- I have an irrational hatred of their name which
defies explanation-- and shame on public radio for shilling for Rob Zombie
(admittedly the host seemed pretty aghast to be playing that track, too).

Can anyone sort out the latest wave of British bands for me, from Arctic
Monkeys on down?  I've heard good stuff and bad stuff from a lot of those
groups and just can't keep 'em straight no more.

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