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Re: (TV) New Verlaine CDs competition!

Perhaps our dollar will improve BUT we have a new
sheriff in town who is going to be ran out of town
within a year, another election, another minority
govt, repeat, good-bye strong dollar.

This may get me booted out of Canada but, I like
American Beer and it gets a bad knock.  The alcohol
content is the same (despite many Canadians who claim
it's weak and they have to drink 30 cans before they
get a buzz, these same Canadians need to drink a few
dark beers from Europe, they'd cry after 2) and it
(gulp) tastes good!  We re-brew Miller and it's a
disgrace, same w/ MGD, coors and Bud plus a few
bargain brews (Olympia).  Just import the real thing! 
I went to university in the US and sampled, okay,
totally binged on it all.  Premium beers are great, a
24 flat for $4.99 w/ a two dollar rebate were
horrendous.  I think Canadians cannot resist cheap
bargain bin US beer and buy it so get a poor
impression.  Same w/ US smokes.  Whooo I'm way off
topic - Great western Beer (any flavor) is the best
Canadian beer imo, Miller High Life Best US, and I'll
try anything from Europe, esp if it's in a funny

Currently not drinking as I am off cigerattes, would
like one of each.  Oh oh, the Canadian lynch mob is
knocking at my door (they won't break it down, we are
still polite).


--- Maurice Rickard <maurice@mac.com> wrote:

> At 9:24 AM -0800 3/24/06, grntg wrote:
> >Note to Maurice: The current US - CDN exchange rate
> is
> >almost non-existant
> Ah, very good point--we have been doing everything
> in our power to 
> trash the dollar.  Soon enough, with the monetary
> policy we have, you 
> guys are going to find that coming to the US will be
> cheaper than 
> staying at home.  (I should note that our beer
> situation has improved 
> greatly over the last several years, so there's that
> also.)
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