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Re: (TV) Way off topic

My 10 year old step daughter is totally into the Beatles and demands I put on Revolver almost daily ( for "Yellow Submarine" of course). When I was playing Sgt Pepper's the other day , she and her friend were singing along to the chorus of "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"....not sure what to think about that. It would have been cool if I could take her to a John Lennon concert....Her 16 year old brother , who I would describe as having goth-ish tendencies, really could take or leave music; no favorities, no CDs of his own. His friends like music... Kids ! Who can figure them out?

Ty Burr wrote:
I agree, my girls' Avril period was comparatively much less painful than
others they've been through (although they lost all respect for her the
second she appeared on the cover of Cosmo all glammed up -- their first

On another front, I'm seeing Ray Davies tomorrow night and taking my
9-yr-old, who to my great satisfaction is a big-time Kinks fan. Ah, the
things boomers do to warp their young.

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