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Re: (TV) Beer, Blue Velvet and Websites

If you didn't like "Blue Velvet" avoid, at all costs, "Mulholland Drive" and "Endless Highway."
  Which I feel are even better than "Blue Velvet." The Suck is turned down very low on these.

Billy Ancell <bilbicus@yahoo.com> wrote:
  Have to chip in, been reading 136 TV list emails and
drinking beeeeeerrrrr

Beer: Chimay Rouge (or bleu, or the cream one, in
increasing levels of loveliness/drunkeness) man it
totally rules

Blue Velvet (viewed last weekend for the first time):
Never before have I seen a more overrated,
impenetrable and disappointing waste of far too much
of my time - why do people rate it so highly? It was
shaping up to be okay until an hour or so in when it
just became, well, disjointed, illogical (I know it is
supposed to be a "David Lynch" film) but it was
just...not very good. Some nice shots, but claiming
"It's not supposed to make sense! Its David Lynch"
doesn't do it for me. And claims that "you have to
watch it four times"...well...in that case...it fails
as a piece of art, no? I mean the first time I saw
Dawn of the Dead I was captivated - same with the Big
Lebowki, The Blues Brothers - maybe I'm just not cut
out for films like that. Maybe I just like crap Zombie
films and stuff with Matt Guitar Murphy in it. Oh, and
The Jesus too.

My band website - live and seems to be working. Thanks
to all who offered me advice. I ended up learning HTML
and doing it all in two days of drinking and swearing
at the computer to temper my technical inadequacy.
vitaminflintheart.com for those who want the
punishment. Suggestions/criticism welcome. Much
appreciated for any input. I went for "readable and

Avril - never did I think i would see that talentless
moppet discussed in these hallowed grounds. Proof that
nothing is verboten!

Fender Jaguar tremolo arms - finally got one. I was
using a customised strat one and lost it at a gig. Had
to replace it and got one bizarrely after trawling
ebay and various obscure websites at a local music
shop...for a tenner. It rules. So looong! And
reachable! I can now tremolo and play chordy strums at
the same time a la My Bloody Valentine. Was watching
the Foxhole video the other night and marvelling at
Tom pummeling the Jazzmaster with his tremolo...man
that rules that video. Tremolo-ing harmonics! So many
tips to pick up! Tom rules there. 

The new CDs - waiting till the eventual release date.
I ascribe to the "buy an official and hope Tom sees
some money" camp. Sad. Can't wait. I've actually not
bothered with hearing online snippets etc cos I want
it to be special! Got a set of studio monitors for my
brthday from my two best buds,and now have them linked
up to my computer and music setup - listened to Luna's
"Penthouse" the other night and it was quite amazing.
23 Minutes in Brussels, hot dang what a tune

Words from the Front - been listening a lot
lately...love that album. I have "Comin' Apart" in my
head all the time these days. That album needs a
reissue with decent liner notes. Like who is playing
on it, that would be nice.

Millers Tale - what is going on with Tom's singing on
the live stuff? Did he care? It seems so sloppy at
points. I've had that album since it pretty much came
out and have been listening a lot recently, and
although the guitar is real good at most points he
just doesn't seem to be trying on the vocals. Was he
just being Tom? I get quite frustrated wth it because
everything else is so good.

Real Time - just got it on CD - is there bonus tracks 
on this? Can't find my vinyl of it just now...too much
beer...can't figure it out...thought Pleading was the
last track

Warm and Cool reissue - What are U67 microphones and
where do I get one!

And the Moosehead joke about the beer was a good one -
these animal activists up in Scotland recently tried
to "free some deer" with rather disastrous results. Oh

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