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Re: (TV) Beer, Blue Velvet and Websites

On 3/28/06, Billy Ancell <bilbicus@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Blue Velvet (viewed last weekend for the first time):
> Never before have I seen a more overrated,
> impenetrable and disappointing waste of far too much
> of my time - why do people rate it so highly?

I don't even know if I'd like it if I saw it for the first time now.  It's
really been recycled and ripped off so many times that it's hard to see it
for what it was at the time.  It still works completely for me.  I guess a
comparable question would be, what do Franz Ferdinand fans think the first

> Words from the Front - been listening a lot
> lately...love that album. I have "Comin' Apart" in my
> head all the time these days. That album needs a
> reissue with decent liner notes. Like who is playing
> on it, that would be nice.

I would just like the cover not to have "cheap price cuz we don't give a
shit about this artist" literally stencilled onto it, for a start.  However,
at least it has all the songs played all the way through, unlike the CD of
"Cover" (spits on ground).

Millers Tale - what is going on with Tom's singing on
> the live stuff? Did he care? It seems so sloppy at
> points. I've had that album since it pretty much came
> out and have been listening a lot recently, and
> although the guitar is real good at most points he
> just doesn't seem to be trying on the vocals. Was he
> just being Tom?

Yes!  And it still sound better than Lou Reed's singing on the Velvets
reunion record.

I must say I enjoy beer-fueled posts a lot.  Or as my daughter would say, a
lot a lot a lot!

-Rex, stone cold soba
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