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Re: (TV) Arthur Lee, and other things in my disc changer


--- Phil Obbard <pobbard@yahoo.com> wrote:

> I have FOREVER CHANGES on now. Syd Barrett and
> Arthur Lee within a
> few weeks of each other...?
> Also in my CD changer right now:
> - Jayhawks RAINY DAY MUSIC. Gift from my brother a
> few months, really
> growing on me.
> - Rolling Stones IT'S ONLY ROCK 'N ROLL. I am going
> through a big
> Stones things these days, discovering records like
> SOME GIRLS for the
> first time, and also finally bought the SINGLES
> METAMORPHOSIS. Lots of songs on both I'd never heard
> but have
> immediately caught my attention. Just got IORNR last
> week, mainly on
> the strength of the title track (which sounds an
> awful lot like T.
> Rex at times). But the whole record seems pretty
> solid.
> - Magnetic Fields 69 LOVE SONGS Vol. 2. I've
> listened to and liked
> (but not loved) Vol 1 for many years; weirdly, just
> started listening
> to Vol. 2 this week.
> - A MIGHTY WIND soundtrack. I just put this in last
> night while my
> wife and I made dinner. There are a few bum tracks,
> but for the most
> part this really a great disc - on the level of a
> Rutles-like parody
> (parody, but good on its own terms anyway). 
> Am I sap if I like the New Main Street Singers stuff
> best? Or if I
> spent $1 for a New Christy Minstrels record at a
> yard sale last
> month?
> - And of course, FOREVER CHANGES. But I'll also
> agree with the
> amazing qualities of the first side of DA CAPO, and
> a few later gems
> like "Always See Your Face" and "Your Friend and
> Mine - Neil's Song".
> "The news today will be the movies for tomorrow".
> --Phil
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