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(TV) Arthur Lee, and other things in my disc changer

I have FOREVER CHANGES on now. Syd Barrett and Arthur Lee within a
few weeks of each other...?

Also in my CD changer right now:

- Jayhawks RAINY DAY MUSIC. Gift from my brother a few months, really
growing on me.

- Rolling Stones IT'S ONLY ROCK 'N ROLL. I am going through a big
Stones things these days, discovering records like SOME GIRLS for the
first time, and also finally bought the SINGLES COLLECTION and
METAMORPHOSIS. Lots of songs on both I'd never heard but have
immediately caught my attention. Just got IORNR last week, mainly on
the strength of the title track (which sounds an awful lot like T.
Rex at times). But the whole record seems pretty solid.

- Magnetic Fields 69 LOVE SONGS Vol. 2. I've listened to and liked
(but not loved) Vol 1 for many years; weirdly, just started listening
to Vol. 2 this week.

- A MIGHTY WIND soundtrack. I just put this in last night while my
wife and I made dinner. There are a few bum tracks, but for the most
part this really a great disc - on the level of a Rutles-like parody
(parody, but good on its own terms anyway). 

Am I sap if I like the New Main Street Singers stuff best? Or if I
spent $1 for a New Christy Minstrels record at a yard sale last

- And of course, FOREVER CHANGES. But I'll also agree with the
amazing qualities of the first side of DA CAPO, and a few later gems
like "Always See Your Face" and "Your Friend and Mine - Neil's Song".

"The news today will be the movies for tomorrow".

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