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Re: (TV) Arthur Lee, and other things in my disc changer

In message <20060805191238.61474.qmail@web60315.mail.yahoo.com>, Phil Obbard <pobbard@yahoo.com> writes
- A MIGHTY WIND soundtrack. I just put this in last night while my wife and I made dinner. There are a few bum tracks, but for the most part this really a great disc - on the level of a Rutles-like parody (parody, but good on its own terms anyway).

Excellent film, too.

Am I sap if I like the New Main Street Singers stuff best?

Not if you're laughing.

However, Mitch and Mickey singing "A Kiss at the End of the Rainbow" - hear it and weep.

Or if I spent $1 for a New Christy Minstrels record at a yard sale last month?


The Fall - "British People In Hot Weather". It's funny 'cos it's true...
Forever Changes
The new Dolls album
Sugar - Copper Blue
Jeff Buckley - Sketches For My Sweetheart The Drunk (the Verlaine-produced stuff is excellent)
"The Wonder - Tom Verlaine, Television & Stuff"
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