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Technical Question / RE: (TV) Tom on wfuv.org

I tried using the NPR link below and then going to their World Cafe, Past
Programs, I selected July 12, bringing up Verlaine appearance on radio. W.

Then it [i.e., NPR site] gives me two choices Listen via RealPlayer or
Windows Media Player.

Since I have a free version of RealPlayer from a couple of months ago,
I click NPR's button for RealPlayer.  But then I get the following message
(tried 3 separate times over last 2 days):  "Currently AutoUpdate has no
plug-in available to play your selection".

Question 1:  Does this mean my free period for RealPlayer is over and that's
why no "plug-in"

2.  Given that I don't want to pay for any of RealPlayers Versions described
on their site, are there any FREE players' on the Internet I can download?

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At 10:30 PM -0400 7/12/06, Joe Hartley wrote:
>Just got a call from a friend - Tom's going to be on WFUV.org in a
>moment (10:00 PM EDT).   http://wfuv.org

Ah, good catch.  If you've missed it, or missed the beginning of it, 
it's the World Cafe, which can be streamed from here:


(RealPlayer, alas, so don't expect much high end.  Or low end.  Or 
decent mids.)

Maurice Rickard
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