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Re: (TV) Greetings from Brian Ritchie

brian, you blew me away at stubb's (but now i guess
you do that wherever you play).  and btw i nearly lost
my life to some chick behind me who wanted one of your
picks (and, likely, your body).

was just listening to "new grass" on ipod last night
and thinking how much fun could be had w/ ayler
covers.  need to update the ipod as it is.  will look
for your project.


and p.s., if anyone here has a copy of ayler's oop
"the last album" please contact me off-list.  it once
had a small issue on a japanese label, and of course
the original vinyl issue.

--- Brian Ritchie <brianritchie@mac.com> wrote:
> If anybody is interested in hearing something I did
> with Ficca, our  
> "Shakuhachi Club NYC" album is now available on
> iTunes. Just search  
> Brian Ritchie-Shakuhachi Club NYC. It's an
> instrumental album of  
> originals and covers of Coltrane, Ayler, etc. I play
> shakuhachi  
> (Japanese Bamboo Flute) and Billy plays a wide
> variety of percussion  
> instruments.

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