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(TV) Greetings from Brian Ritchie

Hey Boys and Girls,

Thanks for all the kind words about Violent Femmes a few weeks back. It is appreciated.

Yes Television were a big influence on us, even if that may not be apparent. And I've played a lot with Billy Ficca in various settings. He is a genius, ultra-professional, and a gentleman. He deserves a lot more credit for his contribution to the Television sound. He is primarily responsible for their majestic bleakness. Without him things would be more ordinary.

If anybody is interested in hearing something I did with Ficca, our "Shakuhachi Club NYC" album is now available on iTunes. Just search Brian Ritchie-Shakuhachi Club NYC. It's an instrumental album of originals and covers of Coltrane, Ayler, etc. I play shakuhachi (Japanese Bamboo Flute) and Billy plays a wide variety of percussion instruments.


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