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Re: (TV) butterfield blues band

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I'm sure no one here has ever entered the world of unofficial recordings,
but if anyone has, Mike Bloomfield did a live version of "Work Song" in 74
where his playing reminded me of Verlaine at points.

After reading this I thought I'd check my handful of Bloomfield shows to see if I had it, but none of them included "Work Song". So I did a search at db.etree.org, found 1 Bloomfield show with "Work Song", and was delighted to find that it was a show I had - but with "Work Song" credited as "Instrumental" on the setlist.

Is this the show you're referring to?

Mike Bloomfield All Stars - Gusman Cultural Center, University of Miami, Miami, Florida, April 6th, 1974

That's the one. The thing that reminded me of Tom Verlaine was the (relatively) long notes with nice vibrato at the beginning of the solo. Much as I love his playing (and I LOVE his playing), I'd have liked to hear him push himself like that more often.

Plus, I'd consider Mike Bloomfield playing with Dion a pretty historic moment.

How long is the show? I've seen a couple of variations on the set list, so I'm not sure I've got the whole thing. --------------
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