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Re: (TV) butterfield blues band

BlackMonk@email.msn.com wrote:
> I'm sure no one here has ever entered the world of unofficial recordings, 
> but if anyone has, Mike Bloomfield did a live version of "Work Song" in 74 
> where his playing reminded me of Verlaine at points. 

After reading this I thought I'd check my handful of Bloomfield shows to see if I had it, but none of them included "Work Song". So I did a search at db.etree.org, found 1 Bloomfield show with "Work Song", and was delighted to find that it was a show I had - but with "Work Song" credited as "Instrumental" on the setlist.

Is this the show you're referring to?

Mike Bloomfield All Stars - Gusman Cultural Center, University of Miami, Miami, Florida, April 6th, 1974

The band is Bloomfield, Troy, Naftalin, & Rains, with Dion guesting on vocals for a few of the songs. "Work Song" is 7:58, and very fine it is too.

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