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(TV) Review of Sonic Transmission

Brief review in todays (19th August) Guardian:

Sonic Transmission: Television, An Illustrated History - Tim Mitchell

'The subtitle is pushing its luck a bit: the "illustrated" aspect of this biography of the recently reunited seminal 1970s art-rockers comprises a dozen pages of black-and-white photographs and reproductions of album sleeves and posters. Still nobody ever appreciated Television for their good looks, and this slim - and rather optimistically priced - volume does a serviceable job of telling the story of Richard Hell, Tom Verlaine and the band from the beginning to end. It is common among low-budget rock biographies which are, essentially, a collage of cuttings for the author to over-compensate by slathering the pages with opulently purple prose. Mitchell, to his credit, resists this temptation, assembling the facts with a modest lightness of touch. A genuine and insightful appreciation of the music also radiates gently throughout. Will likely provoke a certain amount of rummaging in attics for dog-eared copies of Marquee Moon. (Andrew Muller). Glitter Books #11.95.
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