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Re: (TV) Richard Lloyd Interview - Chart Attack

Yes, great answers from Richard. Particularly charming is "we use a slide
rule to decide when to play..." I actually found my old slide rule the other
day and was loath to throw it out. Must show it to kids; they won't believe
we actually used such things.

Odd that Rocket From The Tombs gets no mention.

Odd also that Richard gives us the solecism "And if he'd have managed us,
maybe we would have vomited on the queen." Yes, I'm being pedantic, but does
anyone agree that that grammar error has become much more common in recent years?

I'm looking forward to Richard's new album, and I'm prepared to be patient.
Just one little thing -- I hope he takes his time over the lyrics. Run them
by Tom Verlaine at least. Or Keith... I know this is very irreverent of me,
but the only weakness of "The Cover Doesn't Matter" (apart from the
sleevenotes) was lack of tightness in the lyrics, and, occasionally, the way
he sang them. I quite like his voice, but he doesn't always use it in a way
that matches the song (IMHO).

I know, a lot of people would say the same about Tom. I was quite impressed with his singing last month; he didn't sound strained as sometimes in the past.


Keith wrote:
Graham Urquhart
<gurquhart@madasafish.com> writes
Interview (of sorts) with Richard

"ChartAttack: Where would you say that Television fits in the musical
spectrum, and has it changed in the past 30 years?
Richard Lloyd: Ultraviolet, infrared. There are 40 octaves of radiation,
of which light is only one. Way down below is the auditory spectrum, and
way below that is heat, and way below that is absolute zero. So all we
have are these three little windows. All we get are seven at the top and
seven in the middle and then heat. Very musical answer, Richard."

This is the perfect answer to such a question.

"Why did Television break up from 1978 to 1992 and then from 1993 until
We follow the Thoreau cycle, the solar eclipse cycle. The Thoreau cycle is
an 18-year cycle and the sun spot cycle is 11 years, and we have this sort
of timetable that we work on that's a conglomeration of that where we use
a slide rule to decide when to play and to talk about making a new

This is even better.

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