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Re: (TV) Richard Lloyd Interview - Chart Attack

On Thu, 31 Aug 2006 22:01:02 +0100
Graham Urquhart <gurquhart@madasafish.com> wrote:
> Also Jimmy Rip put him in his place 
> when Radcliffe said he'd never heard of him.  At first Jimmy played it 
> very diffident (although you heard him muttering Google). Radcliffe kept 
> at it and Jiimy reels off the list...a very very long list.   Radcliffe 
> speechless.

Having my share of radio interviews, it's inexcusable for Radcliffe to
have not done his homework ahead of time.  Good on Jimmy for making him
look like an ass.

I had a couple of basic rules when doing interviews: focus on the newest
work the artist has done, especially if the artist was doing a solo tour
apart from the band he or she is best known for, and ask if the whole band
can take part.

#2 paid off in spades when I interviewed Adrian Belew in '82 (damn, I'm old).
Ade walked up the hall with the band, and was turning in the room with his
manager, clearly a little sad to not be continuing whatever conversation he
was having with them.  As he cam in, clearly steeling his will to put up
with another college radio station snot-nosed brat, I asked if he thought the
band would like to take part, too.  His face lit up as he said "No one's ever
asked to interview the whole band before!"

They all piled in the room, and we all had a GREAT time.  It was amazing,
especially because his drummer was the great Larrie London, who'd played
with a ton of people, including Elvis Presley.  When the manager came in
after the promised 20 minutes, Ade told him there was no problem, they were
all having a great time.  It was the best interview I'd ever done, and I
hardly had to ask any questions.  It just flowed.

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