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(TV) Marquee Moon Test Press

Hey There- I have just found a copy of the following and i am a bit confused about it. here is what it is:
  white cover with 7E 1098 written in pen on the front.
  plain sleeve
  lp has white labels that say: Columbia Records Production Santa Maria. hand written on the record label in pen is a list of the songs on side one of marquee moon and then again on the side two label. 
  Included in the record sleeve is a memo that says the following:
  LAbel Copy Elektra Records - 962 cienaga blvd, los angeles, ca 90069. the memo has two dates on it revised 1.3.77 with the date 12.21.76 underneath. it has a check mark next to it.
  it says Television - Marquee Moon side one 7e-1098 a stereo and has the songs listed with the times and a check mark next to all songs. below is the same info but about side 2 and also includes check mark. 
  my questions - 1. how come this album is a columbia test press when columbia has nothing to do with elektra? 
  2. do you think this is one of the copies sent to the band to sign off on? 
  3. has anyone ever seen one of these before?
  4. any idea of value - record is in mint minus condition - vg++++
  any info would be highly appreciated. thanks gigi o (brad is the old man)
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