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RE: (TV) Marquee Moon Test Press

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> Subject: (TV) Marquee Moon Test Press
> Hey There- I have just found a copy of the following and i am 
> a bit confused about it. here is what it is:
>   white cover with 7E 1098 written in pen on the front.
>   plain sleeve
>   lp has white labels that say: Columbia Records Production 
> Santa Maria. hand written on the record label in pen is a 
> list of the songs on side one of marquee moon and then again 
> on the side two label. 
>   my questions - 1. how come this album is a columbia test 
> press when columbia has nothing to do with elektra? 

I can answer this one, anyway. Labels use a variety of pressing plants, with
a variety of owners (Capitol, Warners, etc.). Sometimes they go with one
close by, sometimes they go with one favored by the mastering engineer (or
where the mastering engineer is employed). These test pressings will go out
to the band, the label staff working with the band, the producer, and
sometimes even to reviewers.

I have no idea what the value might be, but I imagine someone who's been a
Television fan since 1977 might like to acquire a copy. The audio quality of
test pressings can sometimes be quite good, even better than the final
release. Or not--sometimes test pressings have flaws that are corrected
before the official release.

Jim K.
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