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Re: (TV) Keith, Howard, anyone...rank the TV boots....

On Fri Nov  9 16:10 , Jay <piazzasanmarco@yahoo.com> sent:

>in terms of significance/gretaness, whatever

Poor Circulation
Double Exposure
Piccadilly Inn 	Cleveland, 25th July & 26th July 1975
UFO - (with Richard Hell) CBGB 17th January 1975
Living Arts Philadelphia, 2nd December 1992
July 2, 1978 show at The Earth Tavern in Portland, Oregon.
Free Trade Hall, Manchester, England, 26 May 1977
Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, 8th December 1992
Return of the Valve Heads 19th June 2002 Meltdown Festival, London. 
I Need A New Aventure
Rose Of My Heart - September 6, 1992 show at Sunplaza-Nakano, Tokyo, Japan 

... apparently.

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