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Re: (TV) E-bay Woes / >> "my name is albert ayler"

well, while casey is groveling for bootleg dvds on the
wrong list, i should also make a plea.  i had managed
to d/l the ayler documentary at dime before it got
banned (contains officially released recordings). 
never watched or burned to disc, and later discovered
one of my amazing kids had trashed the files.

if anyone has that dvd, i would gladly trade anything
casey has for it.  let me know off list.


--- Leo Casey <LeoCasey@comcast.net> wrote:
> Also, on a sort of related subject: I am very
> interested in getting a copy
> of a movie soundtrack (the one where a female
> actress plays Robert
> Zimmerman); I've been on e-bay for over a week and
> keep getting out-bid at
> the last minute---this has now happened 5-6  times. 
> I can't afford to shell
> out the $19+ for a Borders or Barnes & Noble store
> copy---but would like to
> trade or make some other arrangement.  So if you can
> help, contact me
> off-list.

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