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Re: (TV) Hmmm...

On 11/13/07, robin dunn <rdunnrn@yahoo.com> wrote:
> --- Rex Broome <rexbroome@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Anybody have anything by The Bags, or have any
> > comments thereupon?  I'm
> > hearing they were somewhere between the Germs (on
> > whom I'm lukewarm) and the
> > Slits (at whose altar I shamelessly worship).
> > Anyone?
> their stuff was just recently issued -- vinyl only, i
> think.  more or less everything they recorded.  don't
> have it myself, but looks cool.

They were selling that LP at the Masque show.  If Alice Bag was there, my
wife didn't see her (I think Alice interviewed her for her blog a few years

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