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Re: (TV) i'm not there / my name is albert ayler

just went with a couple of friends to see hansard here
in town.  they were more into the music than i, but i
must say he was terribly entertaining, great stage
presence, and came across really well.  i have a
friend who would love a date if you could line it up,
dennis.  she's cute and charming.


> My friend Glen Hansard is on the soundtrack for the
> film, i believe.
> I've been friends with Glen for 15 years and since
> his role in the film
> Once his career has taken off. Dylan asked them to
> open for him in
> australia and New Zealand this year and it was the
> highlight of glen's
> life, him being a huge Dylan fan. Glen is the guy
> that got me into
> reading my short stories in public and is a very
> generous guy and a
> great performer.

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