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Re: (TV) i'm not there / my name is albert ayler

My friend Glen Hansard is on the soundtrack for the film, i believe.
I've been friends with Glen for 15 years and since his role in the film
Once his career has taken off. Dylan asked them to open for him in
australia and New Zealand this year and it was the highlight of glen's
life, him being a huge Dylan fan. Glen is the guy that got me into
reading my short stories in public and is a very generous guy and a
great performer.

> I saw "I'm Not There" last night. My initial thoughts were that it 
> was confusing, pretentious, and long-winded. On reflection, I still 
> think it's too long -- as you do -- but overall I think it's a good 
> film. It assumes a huge amount of prior knowledge of Dylan's career 
> -- I was just able to keep-up.
> I do feel it repeats many of the same mistakes as "Velvet Goldmine" 
> (the same director's take on the Bowie/Iggy glam era), but 
> ultimately is more satisfying. The soundtrack will definitely make 
> it to my Chrismas list...
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