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Re: (TV) i'm not there / my name is albert ayler

I saw "I'm Not There" last night. My initial thoughts were that it was confusing, pretentious, and long-winded. On reflection, I still think it's too long -- as you do -- but overall I think it's a good film. It assumes a huge amount of prior knowledge of Dylan's career -- I was just able to keep-up.

I do feel it repeats many of the same mistakes as "Velvet Goldmine" (the same director's take on the Bowie/Iggy glam era), but ultimately is more satisfying. The soundtrack will definitely make it to my Chrismas list...


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was able to see both these great music films over the
past week.  *loved* the dylan pic, though it seemed a
bit long.  tom's "cold iron bounds" is part of the
film, and there are a few guitar bits in the
soundtrack that might be him playing.  in particular,
a bit that's played at the end of the "judas" sequence
sounds very much like tom.
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