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Re: (TV) i'm not there / my name is albert ayler

On 11/25/07, robin dunn <rdunnrn@yahoo.com> wrote:
> was able to see both these great music films over the
> past week.  *loved* the dylan pic, though it seemed a
> bit long.  tom's "cold iron bounds" is part of the
> film, and there are a few guitar bits in the
> soundtrack that might be him playing.  in particular,
> a bit that's played at the end of the "judas" sequence
> sounds very much like tom.

Yeah, Tom's was one of the few voices heard that wasn't either Dylan
or one of his onscreen surrogates (I think the Monkees and Eddie
Vedder are among the few others)... he's pretty much literally one of
the "voices" being heard by the Cate-Dylan.  Dylan's original of "Cold
Irons Bound" is reprised later on.  The film was pretty good.  I never
would have guessed the vocalist to whom Blanchett lip-synched was
Stephen Malkmus... weird!

You get Sonic Youth over the end credits, too.

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