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(TV) i'm not there / my name is albert ayler

was able to see both these great music films over the
past week.  *loved* the dylan pic, though it seemed a
bit long.  tom's "cold iron bounds" is part of the
film, and there are a few guitar bits in the
soundtrack that might be him playing.  in particular,
a bit that's played at the end of the "judas" sequence
sounds very much like tom.

also loved the ayler documentary.  well, what could be
wrong with watching him play and hearing his music
blasted out?  (the director had requested the theater
"play it loud".)  while enjoying a beer at the alamo
drafthouse?  the film did not make much attempt at
unraveling some of the mysteries surrounding him, but
the portrait portrayed through ayler's own narrative
and the many interviews was fascinating.  sadly this
film is having only very limited release in the
states.  catch it if you can.


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