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(TV) Where's TV/Words Fail Him/RE: [Television-group] i'm not there / my name is albert ayler

Robin wrote:

> was able to see both these great music films over the
>past week. *loved* the dylan pic 


Looking forward to the film.


Recently listened to a long recording of the Nov. 11 I'm Not There Concert
at the Beacon Theatre, NYC, 11/07/2007, Tracks: 24

Total Time: 2:21:04


Despite listening very carefully to all tracks--- especially those with
backing by 'The Million $ Bashers' ---I could not hear any sign (sound :>) )
of TV's signature guitar sound.  From my listening and from stage
intros/banter, it appears that the name 'The Million $ Bashers' is not
really a group but simply a 'catch-all' name used to refer to any
combination of musicians (and these combos change all the time) who back-up
the 'solo' performers at this concert and the cd. 


Speaking of stage banter, how is it that film-maker like Todd Haynes who has
made such an inventive and clever film about Dylan can be so inarticulate
and a blubbering fool the 3 times he speaks during this concert?  It can't
simply be because he's in awe of these musicians given a good filmmaker
needs to successfully communicate with actors--including famous ones.  Maybe
like his movie it's part of the mystery of genius.  Except I don't think
Hanes is a genius.


I had high hopes for his 'The Velvet Goldmine' several years ago-but it was
embarrassingly bad a good deal of the time---although I liked his film,
'Safe', a lot. 




If you haven't OD-ed on reviews yet here's another one (by a MM Lister):



I once got bashed for sending an e-mail to both Lists simultaneously; so,
Joe H. and Mr. Blur let me know if it's a no-no. 






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