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Re: (TV) Not news: Blog entry. News: Announces album. Fark: Television still around?

On Jan 2, 2008 7:40 AM, Claudia <razoomyyy@yahoo.de> wrote:

> So, straight from Mr Rip's blog:
> "I'm here in NYC (my home town ) to co-produce n play
> git on a new record for the band Television.... it's
> goin really well and with a little luck will b out
> sometime mid- 08."
You know, this may not be a popular sentiment, but, well, yay.

Billy's playing with Richard, so overall, more Television-like things are
being created than in recent memory.  That's good.

Almost finished "SONIC TRANSMISSION" (a Christmas gift) and soon to view
"Music for Experimental Film" (ditto).  It was a Verlainey Merry Christmas.

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