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(TV) Need your help everyone OT

File under: Gratuitous self promotion with the roping in of friends!

Hi all
Really need your help, don't panic, nothing wrong, just need a few minutes of
your time in connection with The Cheesemakers album.

As most of you know its been on 'soft release' for a few weeks now, in other
words, we've been able to sell it through Reflex while the Record label gets
it through a UK distributer and an official release date is set. Then it will
be out in all UK shops, on Amazon, Play etc and hopefully in parts of Europe
and around the world. This release date is going to be either 4th or 11th

Now, the reason I need your help is you can be the best marketing tool (if you
dont mind me saying) by raising awareness in record shops around the world.

I know all too well from experience that when a distributer presents its wares
to shops in long lists of product, its just not possible to read everything in
detail, so you tend to go for things you know and skip a lot of probably good

The way this changes on the day the notes are presented is if the record shop
buyer has heard about a release BEFORE it comes out.

So what I'd love you to do is ask your local record shop if they have it etc,
or even a non-local shop with a telephone call or two. That way, when the
company 'sell it in' in a week or so, the buyer in the shop will say 'ah yes,
people been asking about this!'. I know this works, cos I do it myself.

So if you could do one or all of the following, that would be fantastic:

1 -Go into a local record shop and ask if they have a release date for The
Cheesemakers' Panic Now, then say you have a catalogue number and distributer
(NORIG003 and Distributer is Proper), that way they will probably either look
on their database or ring Proper themselves to check for the date and will
then be aware of it and will almost certainly take some when its presented.

2 - Get a mag like Mojo or Record Collector and pick 2 or 3 shops anywhere and
give them a ring asking them the same questions.

3 - They will (if they're any good) ask if you want to order one, this is not
a necessary requirement for this task (ha ha) although would of course be
really nice of you!!!! :o)))))) Only jesting.

If you could spare a few minutes for me sometime next week I would be
eternally grateful. That would help massively in getting it into the shops,
making Proper aware its something worth really pushing and also set things up
nicely for when (hopefully) the reviews appear in the likes of Q and Mojo.

You can do this abroad as well because Proper are an importer/exporter as well
and they certainly ship to most places around the world.

Your help would be wonderful and would reflect the truly generous and
thoughful group you are!!! Enough licking already???

Cheers me dears
Let me know how you get on
The Cheesemakers Panic Now Out NOW!

Andy Cheesemaker Solo

'PANIC NOW' out 2007 on NewOriginal Records

The only CD & Record Shop in the world

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