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(TV) Henry Rollins on Marquee Moon (and vinyl)

Henry Rollins waxing lyrical on TV and vinyl:


"As I write to you now, I am listening to a pristine Canadian pressing 
of Television's absolutely perfect /Marquee Moon/ album. It is, to me, 
as good as music gets. The title track is one of the best things ever 
committed to magnetic tape. While the recently remastered CD version is 
excellent, there is but one way to truly enjoy the utter magnificence of 
the songs contained on this album and it is from the LP. Those of you 
who know what I'm talking about know exactly what I mean....Oh! Do you 
know that guitar breakdown right before the snare comes back in at the 
very end of /Marquee Moon/ to end side A? That moment never fails to 
move me. It just happened. Tom Verlaine, one of the great guitarists of 
all time. What a moment!
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